Pleasure Products---Where Do We Start?

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Q: Shalom Limor,

This summer, we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and we want to renew our intimate life. We are new to pleasure products where should we start?

A: Congratulations on your wedding day! Definitely a reason to celebrate :) For couples who are taking their first steps in the world of pleasure products, I recommend starting with one or more of the following products. Read through and see which ones suit you and your partner best.

Kegel Balls This pleasure product has two benefits: The first, is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the second is to prepare her for a full body connection with her partner.

How does it work? Think of Kegel Balls as vaginal exercises that strengthen the vaginal muscle and increase her ability to control contractions, allowing her to enjoy a much richer intimate life. The Kegel Balls in your body signal brain to her brain to naturally produce lubrication and release oxytocin, which together stimulate sexual arousal.

Finger Vibrator This is an amazing way to start involving vibrating pleasure products in your intimate life. The Finger Vibrator helps you discover pleasure in a new way with gentle vibrations.

Vibrating Ring The Vibrating ring is worn by the man and creates joint stimulation in both partners. This pleasure product has two benefits: the first is to extend his stamina. The second creates a gentle vibration on her clitoris, which stimulates an orgasm during a full body connection.

Mini Vibrator This is the most recommended accessory for couples who are interested in a small pleasure product, but powerful enough to bring her to orgasm. It can be used during a full body connection or separately.

Overall, entering the world of pleasure products and renewing your intimate life should be based on an open, inclusive and respectful dialogue between the couple. Explore together and discover new level of intimacy between your mind, body and soul.



Qualified Sexual Counselor & Ve-Ahavtem Founder


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