What Should I Do When My Husband Doesn’t Want to Use Pleasure Products?

עודכן ב: 27 אוק 2020

Q: Hello Limor,

I am very interested in buying one of your pleasure products, but my husband is not happy with it and my feeling is that he feels it’s threatening. On the other hand, I would very much like to diversify our sex life in order to achieve real and full enjoyment and to renew this part of our relationship. Could you advise?

A: The fear you describe is understandable, and very common amongst couples. Many men feel pleasure products that bring a woman to orgasm are "threatening" and may fear that they will no longer be needed.

I recommend explaining to him from the bottom of your heart that no piece of silicon can replace a loving, embracing, listening, accommodating and attentive partner filling your needs. The accessory does not have a heart or the ability to embrace and love.

When a man invests in his wife’s pleasure it makes him a better lover. It also tells her that her sexual pleasure is important, which benefits both of them. He will enjoy their intimate connection more, because when she enjoys more he enjoys more.

In a healthy and intimate relationship, you need to have good sexual communication. Woman need to have both a physical and emotional connection to feel sexually satisfied. The more enjoyable her intimate life is the more she’ll want to connect with her partner.

However, I recommend that you wait patiently and use the pleasure products as a couple only when both partners are ready. Give him time, and maybe he will change his mind in the future.


Qualified Sexual Counselor & Ve-Ahavtem Founder

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